Tuula Ylinenpää

Royals - extraordinary everyday people

Tuula Ylinenpää commutes between Rovaniemi and Helsinki (distance approximately 800km). Well perhaps not daily but every two weeks. The upside is that she gets to see a lot of the Finnish nature and visit interesting locations in the north. From an ecological point of view the constant traveling is enough to cause her bad conscience. But as a consumer she feels she has a possibility to compensate. Instead of following trends she only acquires things she really needs & likes. That’s why I was very flattered when we met for the first time and she told me that she has been using this Saint Vacant Longplay bag since 2010 nearly every day! 

Tuula is an interior designer and CEO at VIIRI/YLINENPÄÄ. Together with her associate architect Heikki Viiri they execute various types of projects both interior and exterior - from entire apartment buildings to private houses. How big or small a project their aim is to excel in open-mindedness and creativity. What Tuula & Heikki did for Tradition hotel Kultahovi in Inari I think is simply delightful! They re-designed the restaurant and the rooms. And if you want to see something very minimalistic check out this home! When comparing these two sites, one word leaps to mind - versatility. By two very interesting designers - working at both ends of the country. (text & photos/Janne Lax)