Risto Kantola

Royals - extraordinary everyday people

Risto Kantola’s enthusiasm for Italian engineering manifests itself in this moment (image below text) - A man and his machine about to become one. 1987 Moto Guzzi 1000 Le Mans IV (Cafe Racer modified) roars among other bikes at DGR Helsinki 2015 (Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride) where we met up with the man. Other engines in his life include three co-owned vintage Alfa Romeo’s and an Abarth 500 for road trips and track days.

Palmu is a big part of Risto’s life. As one of the partners of the leading service design agency in Finland he has been at his dream job for the past 7 years. Through various projects he gets to investigate how people function in their everyday life. And at best he has a possibility to affect those lives in a positive way. The ability to document and analyze phenomena might actually be what’s so special about Risto. Check out Wa-whoa-wa-whee-whoa! Filmed in New York City during the latest Burlesque renaissance. Currently he’s planning a documentary about a project finding new ways to better integration of young immigrants in Finland. 

When it comes to clothing Risto is fond of the 1950’s racing aesthetics but makes a distinction between being a nostalgic and someone wearing classics. As one of the latter he aims to only own one piece of any particular type of garment. One of the advantages of this lifestyle is that once you stop running after the next discounted thing you are able to invest in a quality item that you really need, appreciate and use for a long time. (text & photos/Janne Lax)