Petrie Butler

Royals - extraordinary everyday people

Tattoo artist Petrie Butler originates from Perth and has recently migrated from that somewhat isolated city to our equivalent. I wonder why, we Finns always ask? Maybe he ran out of skin back home? I had the pleasure of getting to know Petrie in 2015 when he celebrated the 2nd anniversary of his Helsinki studio and we threw a party together at the ship Jan Mayen. Petrie has always been customising and painting everything he could get his hands on - sneakers & hats for example. The delightfully pink & sticker bombed 1969 Volkswagen Beetle Custom by Jartsa & Petrie is a natural extension of that tradition. There is even a competition under #petrieartmobile on Instagram to win a discount on your next tattoo. Anyway, the man and his automobile are a both welcomed spots of colour on the sometimes grey streets of Helsinki! And what happens when you start spending time around tattoo artists - you end up getting inked! So I too got my first tattoo - on my 6 year old Brooks leather saddle. (text & photos/Janne Lax)