Mikko Nilsson

Royals - extraordinary everyday people

Greetings from France! Mikko Nilsson and his family have fulfilled their dream of living abroad. This happened one day in October after it had rained for 7 weeks in a row - Enough!!! I’m pretty sure all Finns go through these thoughts but do nothing, except complain of course. They packed the kids and some supplies I guess in the car and drove to the south of France - Aix en Provence to be exact. The original idea was to stay on the road for 10 weeks but after 3 years they still spend a big part of the year abroad. 

Mikko is passionate about photography & board sports on land, water and snow. With senior skateboarding being especially close to heart. This is Mikko’s favourite place to visit - I strongly recommend not clicking if you are the jealous kind - Cassis.
Professionally Mikko helps companies thrive through design. His kids think he’s job is easy because he gets to draw all day long. Nice. Mikko is the mastermind behind the original visuals & brand identity of Saint Vacant from 2005 until 2016. He has played a huge part in getting the brand where it is today and I CAN NOT thank him enough! Mikko’s attention to detail while keeping a constant eye on the big picture is phenomenal! (text/Janne Lax, photos/Jenni Nilsson)