Mikko Hyppönen

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Mikko Hyppönen - a self-made-man and co-founder of Pelago Bicycles along with his brother Timo. As a product designer he aims high on functionality, elegance & long-lasting solutions. In our experience Mikko is not a man of many words but his designs speak loudly - Award winning framework of the Capri was an instant classic and the other 7 Pelago styles continue to amaze riders with their functionality & beauty. Pelago items for spring 2016 includes a new product called Rasket(TM), a hybrid between a commuter front rack & a basket. We can’t wait to see that! More Pelago news here. When these images were taken (in December 2015) Mikko had recently broken his arm in an accident and was going around as a Napoleon look-a-like. You’ll be happy to hear that his now working and riding ”stereo” with both hands! Saint Vacant is all for commuting with a bicycle! (photos/Janne Lax)