Marcus addy

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Meet Marcus Addy - a man about town from Auckland, New Zealand that now resides in Helsinki, Finland. Marcus is a traveller who likes to adapt to his surroundings and embrace the local culture. What he found out when he came to Finland was that his "wardrobe exploded out of necessity” due to the 4 seasons of the Scandinavian climate. And if you have to dress accordingly - Why not have the good stuff. Marcus enjoys Finnish labels like Makia, Karhu & Saint Vacant. As a sports enthusiast Marcus mixes his style with gear from his favourite teams - HJK, Valencia CF & Boston Red Sox. We caught up with Marcus at work at the Aalto Cafe where he works as the Chef. Marcus likes to keep his meals fresh, seasonal and local - like his wardrobe. Next time you stop by the Akateeminen Bookstore in Helsinki be sure to visit this hidden gem at the second floor. (photos/Janne Lax)