Jukka Alanne

Royals - extraordinary everyday people

After graduating from restaurant school Perho - Jukka Alanne used to work as a chef in various restaurants in Helsinki. But started gradually looking for something with more regular working hours. He found himself working at the meat counter at perhaps the most prestigious and well equipped grocery store in Finland - Stockmann’s Herkku. I couldn’t think of a person better suited for top-notch customer service than this highly social young man! The huge amount of fresh and new ingredients that pass through his fingers every day are also an inspiration for his own cooking. He loves cooking for friends and family as it is the most social way of spending time with people.

As much as he enjoys his work the spare time is what Jukka lives for - photography on film & snowboarding are among the major interests and of course cooking. And when it comes to apparel Jukka prefers natural long-lasting materials like wool & leather and is not afraid to use colors to express himself. For this photoshoot we visited delightful Helsinki Market Square. (text & photos/Janne Lax)