Johnny Sundholm

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Johnny Sundholm, MD, is currently studying changes in the heart and blood vessels in children for his PhD at the Helsinki Children’s Hospital. Work requiring such precision and concentration needs to be balanced with a hobby of equal measure. Johnny’s favourite way to unwind is bouldering - a form of rock climbing performed without equipment, usually on rocks 3 to 7 meters high. He does also sports climbing and trad climbing with ropes and tools on bigger obstacles. Between March and October he roams the spots in Finland but every chance he gets he flies out to Fontainebleau. This unique area near Paris is littered with nature’s own sandstone rocks. In the city, Johnny wears sophisticated & functional clothing which he prefers to buy directly from local designers. Some of he’s favourite brands include FRENN, NOMEN NESCIO, Kelmi Climbing & Saint Vacant. For this we are very thankful for him. Support your local... (text & photos/Janne Lax)