Antti Reini

Royals - extraordinary everyday people

Most of us Finns know Antti from his roles in movies and TV series. All & all he’s got over a hundred roles under his belt. My personal favourite being his role in the crime drama series “Kylmäverisesti sinun”. But he is also a voice actor, musician and writer. His novel Neljätoistanollakuus was released in 2016. But wait, a musician?! Yes, a guitarist and a drummer and 2016 he released his debut solo album Kärpänen through Kingstontime Records in association with Svart Records. So quite a year. Here’s the official music video for track Sydän joka lyö. Through mutual friends I was fortunate enough to get acquainted with Antti - the gentle and most considerate gentleman behind the grim voice and the baddie roles. And despite his busy schedule it’s wonderful that he still has time to sit down and talk…about Life, the Universe & Everything. 

(text/ Janne Lax & photos/ Kai Kuusisto)