Premium shoes for gentlemen.


THE LAST. This is the shape that a shoe is created on. It can be made of wood or plastic. Our lasts have been created by bespoke shoemaker Janne Lax in association with leading physiotherapists in Finland. Janne has been making & designing footwear since 1998. 

A GENUINE GOODYEAR WELTED CONSTRUCTION. What makes the Saint Vacant shoes boast a high quality and durability, is the Goodyear welted construction. Invented in 1869 it’s still considered as one of the finest methods of shoe construction. The process is intricate and requires the finest of materials, but results in superior quality and comfort. Naturally, it’s not something that anyone can do. The technique calls for special manufacturing machinery and operating craftsmanship. Saint Vacant shoes are crafted in Portugal, in esteemed and long-operated factories specialised in Goodyear welting. 

REPEARABILITY. We design all products with ease of repair in mind - from materials to seam construction. Goodyear welted outsoles can also be replaced multiple times. With a specialized cobbler in every major city, keeping your foot apparel in pristine condition is effortless. 

ASYMMETRICAL MOUTH-OF-SHOE (1) The outside quarter of Saint Vacant half-shoes is cut low, much like in athletic footwear. The shape goes round the ankle bone "malleolus" and is the result of a decade's experience in making hand-made shoes. As a result the break in process of the shoe is painless.

LAST BALANCE (2) When the balance between the heel and the ball of the foot is right, the shoe rests smoothly and evenly against a surface. This is achieved by using a correct size heel that is pre-shaped at an angle to fit the sole perfectly. This is a feature one should look for in a pair of high-quality footwear.

TOE SPRING (3)  When the shoe’s tip stays above the ground, every step rolls effortlessly, leaving less wrinkles on the folding part of the shoe. 

INSOLE. A premium insole is one of the most important elements of a good shoe, almost like the soul of the shoe. Full-length leather insole forms in use to fit the wearer's foot perfectly. It also perfects the walking experience by absorbing moisture.