Premium shoes for gentlemen.


They say a man’s shoes reveal all there is to know about a man. Your shoes, gentlemen, can make or break an outfit. Take a step to a simpler, bolder shoe wardrobe. With an array of models available, choosing the right one is not the easiest of tasks. We believe, you only need to own 5 pairs of timeless yet playful classics. Every event in a man’s life fits into five soles. 

Our shoes are designed in Finland and made in Portugal during slow factory periods, as opposed to the rush and chaos of the fashion seasons. This way we can assure high quality of craftsmanship and good working conditions. Our shoes are made in small batches, transported by land and packed in plastic free materials. Our philosophy towards sustainability: Purchase high-quality products that you need, take good care them and repair them rather than throw away. 

We do our best to communicate with our fans & customers, to include them in the process of choosing the items to be produced and get vital feedback. We've also selected the best shoe care products that suite our shoes.

The Saint Vacant range: Depending on your lifestyle you may want to own all of them or just one. The main thing is that they all serve a particular purpose in everyday life. 

  • Lace-up boot
  • Chelsea boot
  • Casual shoe
  • Dress shoe
  • Slipper