The customizable Dress shoe

The Goodyear Welted Saint Vacant Dress Shoe offers the fit and quality of a bespoke shoe, and carries you effortlessly through all formal events. At our Helsinki store we can determine the perfect size for you - after which you can customize your pair as you please. While the Saint Vacant stock shoes come in full sizes, the customization process allows us to offer the Dress Shoe also in half-sizes to ensure perfect fit. We offer a large selection of premium leathers in unique colours. Here are some options to choose from and images to inspire you: 

The upper: Choose from a variety of premium calf & cow leathers with smooth or pebbled surfaces. For a more relaxed look go for the colourful suedes and for the most prestigious events in life, the calf patent leather. You can even mix up the materials between the different parts of the upper to create something truly unique. 

The Outsole: Would you like an open leather sole or protection from the elements with rubber half-soles? It's all up to you. The colour and thickness of the outsole can also be fine-tuned to meet your desires. 

The Insock: Even the darkest shoes deserve a drop of hidden colour. Choose the colour & material of the insocks.

The decorations: The distinctive yet subtle decorative punch-holes on the sides of the Dress Shoe can be put to work. We can modify the size and colour of the punch-holes to make your pair stand out or make a point. 

The price: 449€ + 250€ customization fee. The approximate delivery time for a customized pair is 4-6 weeks. After you initial fitting in our shop your pair can be shipped to you - wherever you are. 

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