During these challenging COVID-19 times, many local brands and entrepreneurs are struggling as they are facing drastic declines in their sales – now is the time to act together. We got together with Finnish brands SASTA & FRENN and decided to do our part to support our fellow brands. Through the #yhdessäkauppaa -campaign we aim to bring sales and much needed cash into the registers of other Finnish brands. Many companies have been challenged to take part in this campaign, supporting brands in need & of course bringing extra value to you, our loyal customers.
The concept is simple, SASTA offers the 5 first buyers of Saint Vacant shoes their classic Pointer jacket free of charge. (Offer starts Monday 4th May 2020) SASTA is a Finnish family owned wilderness brand that just last year celebrated their 50th anniversary of creating sustainable & durable clothing.

Next, we at Saint Vacant pay it forward: By shopping at FRENN the 3 first buyers receive a free pair of shoes from Saint Vacant. (The time & regulations of the offer will be specified by FRENN.) If you're one of the lucky ones, here are the available shoes.


And hopefully like this we'll have ourselves a genuine snowball effect.

Please follow the brands above and the #yhdessäkauppa hashtag on social media. 

Brand image for this campaign was created by KESKIÖ. Please check out their wonderful work.