Custom Made

Bespoke shoes are the best thing that can happen to your feet. Each pair is handcrafted and worked on until they meet the customers every wish. The process begins when the client’s feet are measured carefully. These measurements are then used to make a unique pair of lasts. These lasts enable the perfect fit of the shoes.

The client gets to choose the materials used for the shoes. We can offer a variety of up to 30 different leathers and suedes to choose from. When choosing the materials and the style of the shoe it is good to think in advance what kind of a shoe you need and where are you going to most often use them. The designer will help making these decisions.

Last and Design

Our bespoke lasts are made of beech wood. The measurement taken from the customers feet are applied to a preshaped piece of wood. This is done with a variety of tools. The fit of the last is later checked during the first fitting with a test shoe.

When the customer’s wishes about the shoe style are clear and the personal lasts are ready, the designer starts making the patterns for the shoes. By drawing the patterns first on the last he can see how the style will suit the last. All the pieces needed to put together a shoe upper are designed and cut out of cardboard during this procedure.


After pattern making follows the cutting and stitching of the upper. But before making the actual pair the designer makes a pair of fitting shoes to check the correct fit of the last. At this point it is still possible for the customer to change some details.

When the uppers are ready, the next step is lasting. The soaked upper is streched on top of the last and nailed down. And when the leather dries, the shoe will get it’s final form. After that the nails are removed and the upper is glued on the leather insole.

The next part is soling. This is when the outsole and heel are attached to the shoe. The outsole is made according to the customers wishes, yet the most popular option is the combination of leather and rubber. Leather for stability and look, rubber for protection against wet weather. Saint Vacant bespoke shoes are fitted with metal shanks and cork filling footbed. These features for their part ensure longlasting comfort.


End product

Finally when the shoes are ready, they are handed to the customer. The lasts will be archived with the customers name so that they are ready to make a new pair of perfectly fitting shoes. We recommend to reserve up to three monts to this shoemaking process.

For pricing and information on how to get your pair of Saint Vacant bespoke shoes, please write to us at info(at)